SEO Training

Our superior search engine optimization (SEO) training course will transform you right into a complete-stack SEO professional driving sustained increase to your website’s most essential advertising channel. You’ll learn the various aspects of SEO which include keyword research, link building, analytics, technical SEO and much more.

What you’ll learn

  • Brief knowledge about what SEO is and how it works.
  • Rank your website on Search Engines.
  • Learn how search engines work.
  • Understand how to make your websites optimized for Crawlers and Spiders.
  • Understand what keywords are, and learn how to use them well.
  • Learn how to research(investigate) keywords.
  • Analyze the Technical SEO factors.
  • Know-how to Optimize your websites for Search Engines and users.
  • Know-how  to Optimize your content material, inclusive of videos, articles, product descriptions.
  • Understand what backlinks are.
  • Difference between Good keyword vs a Bad keyword.
  • Learn different types of links.
  • How to make a proper link building campaign.
  • Learn how to use Social Media nicely to get backlinks.
  • Understand why speed is an important ranking aspect.
  • How to use modern technology to discover your website’s speed.
  • Know what SEO techniques can harm your web page.
  • Know what SEO strategies are actually obsolete and expired.
  • Learn how to Optimize your media along with image, movies and Gif to load quickly.

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