About Bootcamp

The course begins with ‘core SQL’, wherein you’ll advantage an in-intensity expertise of the center capabilities in SQL. you may analyze developing databases, to the maximum frequently used queries, to advanced filtering, to bucketing results:-
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  • Introduction to the SQL interface and how to navigate and import data.
  • Understanding records kinds and acquiring statistics from tables by means of using the SELECT and FROM statements.
  • Applying primary and complex filters on records units by using WHILE, IN and like statements.
  • Developing new tables using the INTO statement.
  • Aggregating data to create reports by using the GROUP BY statement.
  • Information: a way to follow non-aggregation and aggregation filtering.
  • Developing new data columns based totally on constraints and situations with the aid of using the CASE statement.
  • Making use of records from base tables to create master tables via the use of the JOIN statement.
  • Appending tables using UNION and UNION ALL statements.
  • Next you’ll analyze the greater advanced SQL functions and ideas within the ‘Intermediate SQL’ section of the course. This includes records conversion, data cleansing, running totals, view, variables, stored processes, and more:
  • Brief knowledge and working with NULL values through the use of ISNULL and COALESCE statements.
  • The use of the CAST and CONVERT statements to change data types.
  • Making use of window functions (which includes RANK and ROW_NUMBER) to introduce a row be counted and ranking to the data.
  • The use of the PARTITION statement to break up the window function operations on data (such as running totals).
  • The usage of the VIEW statement to create virtual tables and manipulate statistics.
  • Know-how variables and stored procedures to make SQL code and queries more dynamic.
  • You will get to know how to script a query.

The very last phase of this course covers Microsoft’s intuitive ‘Power BI’ data visualisation tool. We go into the importance of data visualisation, show how powerful it’s miles, and build multiple dashboards to gain vital facts insights:

  • Understanding the ideas and importance of data visualisation.
  • Know-how a way to import data into Power BI directly from different sources like CSV, Excel, SQL etc.
  • Build professional-exceptional business intelligence reports from the ground up.
  • Blend and transform raw data into beautiful interactive dashboards.
  • Design and implement the same B.I. tools utilized by expert analysts and data scientists.
  • Exhibit your talents with  complete-scale course projects (with step-by step solutions).
  • Understand the business intelligence workflow from end-to-end
Who this course is for:
  • It’s for people who are new and curious about SQL & Power BI.
  • Students who’re willing to put more than one hours to learning about analytics.
  • Beginner SQL and  Power BI.
  • Students who want to add statistics abilities to their tool-belt.
  • For people who are interested in Data Analytics and a gateway into Data Science.
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