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ARB Technologies Exports is a formulated IT company providing a front- end, back- end, customer facing technologies, processes and applications,gets lead to more efficient and streamlined customer experience. We have expertise in providing IT services in several database technologies,digital marketing, mobile applications, dedicated resources and design services.ARB technologies exports helps you to reach and maximize your business dreams.



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Process Management

Delivery Methods

Scrum refers to a strategy where a development team work as a unit in order to achieve a common objective and enable teams to self organize by encouraging physical close online collaboration of all team members, as well as daily phase to phase communication (stand up meetings) and disciplines in the project.Scrum is an agile software development framework for managing (RAD) rapid application development, which helps to use minimal planning in favor of rapid prototyping. In RAD, different models are developed in prototypes to make the complete product (application) for faster and accurate product delivery. It makes simple to incorporate the changes within the development process because of engagement of team members required in this approach.


Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Fixed Bid Model is perfect for the clients who comes to us with a fixed set of development requirements. The client provides the requirement document and we set a price for it. After deciding the development procedure, set milestones and payment terms, we start with the development process. Fixed Bid Model does not allow integration of any upcoming additions/changes in the requirement that was not produced by the client earlier.

Onsite -Offshore Model is a collaborative engagement model with a combination offshore and onsite team. Onsite-offshore model aimed at optimizing speed, efficiency and cost of software development. This model is designed to work as an extended arm of the client and a high degree of coordination between the offshore, onsite and client teams. The onsite teams are responsible for knowledge intensive activities such as technical leadership and relationship management Whereas offshore team are responsible for labor intensive activities such as design, development and testing. This helps in knowledge retention and is supported by Centers of Excellence.


Quality Approach

Quality Approach

Quality Standard is measure of how products and services supplied by a company meet customer expectation. Quality standards ensure that product and services are safe and reliable. It helps to reduce cost by minimizing waste and errors that leads to increase productivity.Total quality management is a technique of preventing mistake in manufactured products and avoiding problems when provide services to customers.

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